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SAN-5000 (For the first time in Korea)

LVDT Sensor  (For the first time in Korea)

Purpose : Precision length measurement.

Model : SAN5000

resolving power : 1/1000mm

Measurement range : ± 7.5(15mm)

Key characteristics.

▶ Affordable price.

▶ wear resistance

▶ Theoretically, semi- permanent.

▶ Compact structure.

▶ Stable output.

SAN-5000 is designed based on LVDT precision manufacturing technology.

The inside is molded and the case is plated with a special alloy material, so it is very stable to the external environment.

The SAN-5000 is capable of stable signal output due to its high-sensitivity sensor technology.

It can be applied to length, inner diameter, outer diameter, product dimension inspection, dimension comparison inspection, servo system control, mold position control, tool change measurement, wear measurement, and surface roughness measurement.

SAN-5000 can perform high-speed and precise measurement control by using the Origin sensor L-2000 and controller 2500-H together.


L-2000  (For the first time in Korea)

LVDT voltage module. (For the first time in Korea)

  The field of use (Applications)

▶ LVDT (SAN-5000) signal conversion.

▶ Length, displacement measurement.

▶ Servo control.

▶ Determining whether the product is defective or not.

Key characteristics (Features)

▶ ±15 ∼ ±24V DC, AC Power

▶output 0 ∼ 10V, ±5V

▶ Set the frequency 1KHz, 2KHz,

      3KHz, 5KHz, 7KHz, 10KHz

▶ If you use more than one, you can synchronize.

The L-2000 is an economically priced device that converts length, angle, force and displacement into voltage signals with high precision measurement.
  ±15 ∼ ±24V DC, AC power is used, and the frequency of the internal oscillator can be selected as 1KHz, 2KHz, 3KHz, 5KHz, 7KHz, or 10KHz as the jumper pin.

In addition, 100% variable zero adjustment and Span (width, amplification) can be output as ±5Vdc variable from 0∼10Vdc.
L-2000 can perform high-speed and precise measurement control by using ORIGIN's sensor SAN-5000 and controller 2500-H together.


SSA-3000 (For the first time in Korea)

Acceleration sensor. (For the first time in Korea)

Purpose : Vibration measurement, frequency measurement, acceleration measurement.

Model : SSA-3000

method : Semiconductor

Measurement range : ±1 ~ ±5g

Key characteristics

▶ High sensitivity 1000 (250 mV/g).

▶ Frequency response 0 ~ 10KHz.

▶ Compact structure.

▶ Low power consumption, 10mW.

SSA-3000 is manufactured by applying state-of-the-art MEMS technology. Therefore, it has an output of 1000 (250) mV/G and a frequency of 0∼10 KHz with high sensitivity sensor technology and uses a 7∼24 Vdc power supply.

The acceleration range of the sensor is produced in a variety of ranges from ±1G to ±50G, and the range suitable for the system to be used can be selected.

Applicable to vibration analysis and monitoring device, vibration control of transport equipment, engine measurement tester, tool monitoring device of equipment, motion detection, gravity-based angle measurement, seismic measurement, grinding machine vibration measurement, servo system control, and glass cutting tool monitoring device there is.

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