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Products from ORIGIN



The ISA-7000 model, Electron Gun Power Supply, emits high-performance, high-voltage, and is equipped with a discharge eraser. In addition, it can produce high-quality products by supplying very stable and strong power to Electron Gun compared to other companies.


Unlike other companies, ORIGIN's Electron Gun is a high-quality product using the best raw materials.  It is a separate product of Electron Gun and Crucible.

It is suitable for melting powder or material and is used for test equipment, vacuum deposition equipment, semiconductor equipment, optical equipment, etc.

ISA-8000 7시방향(투명그림자,투명배경.png

The ION Gun Power Supply, ISA-8000, provides fast response and precise control and is used for auxiliary deposition, cleaning, and sputtering.

The safety device includes an over current protection, a constant voltage circuit, and a short circuit protection circuit, and the internal operating state is indicated by an LED, and the manufactured device is manufactured to be easily maintained.


ORIGIN's ION Gun is precisely processed with special materials in an end-hole manner for fast response and precise control, especially designed to last a long time and is used for auxiliary deposition, cleaning, and sputtering.


ORIGIN's PVD Equipment Series are precision Optical Multi layer Vacuum Deposition equipment. Therefore, it is an equipment that can be applied to thin film deposition, various lens production, filter production, window production, semiconductor production, new material development, material synthesis, material isolation, ion cleaning, and ion auxiliary deposition.


MSN-300 is a product jointly developed by ORIGIN and Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency to prevent industrial accidents. 
Short circuit breaker test, ground check, short circuit check, and connection check are possible.


ORIGIN's sensors output stable signals with high sensitivity sensor technology compared to other companies.


ORIGIN's Controller specializes in high-speed multi-input compared to other companies.

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