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Introduction to ORIGIN

CEO's greeting

점 연결

Since its foundation in 1995, ORIGIN has developed its core components based on innovation and creativity. 
All ORIGIN employees do their best for differentiated quality and high customer satisfaction. 
In addition, ORIGIN is not satisfied with simply selling products, but is proud of providing customers with special experiences, impressions, and economic benefits.

The ORIGIN R&D team consists of experienced experts and is paying attention to the development of independent intellectual property rights and unique technologies. Therefore, equipment enhancement, safety, convenience, efficiency, service, and product life can be greatly improved.

The ORIGIN production team consists of skilled technicians talented in designing, testing, processing, welding, and assembling Powerfly.
The technical performance of the products produced by ORIGIN always maintains the lead in Korea.

 The advantages of ORIGIN are as follows.

First, it is the only one in Korea that can develop its own production design.

Second, the CEO directly manages the R&D design test production of all products, including PCB boards. Therefore, custom-made and fast customer service can be provided.

Third, all equipment is release after taking pictures of the appearance of PCB and products with ultra-high-resolution cameras before shipment. In addition, all equipment has serial numbers, so the response to product management is fast and accurate.

ORIGIN has tried to secure a leading position in the field by providing creative and innovative solutions differentiated from other companies.

 As a result of the efforts, Origin delivered hundreds of equipment directly to Vietnam's Samsung, Foxconn, Huawei, and Vivo or through official Chinese origin agencies. We supplied hundreds of equipment.

Currently, our equipment is widely used in various fields such as semiconductors, optics, LEDs, automobiles, electronics, electronics, digital, architecture, pharmaceuticals, safety, etc.

The special experiences and impressions that ORIGIN gives customers are unique values that even the financial crisis and Pandemic can overcome.  
Based on ORIGIN's long accumulated technology, experience, and investment in new technology development, we will always provide customers with special experiences, impressions, and economic benefits.

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