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Products from ORIGIN

 Ion Gun & Power Supply

ISA-8000 7시방향(투명그림자,투명배경.png

ISA-8000 (For the first time in Korea)

Ion Gun Power Supply (For the first time in Korea)

Purpose : general auxiliary deposition.

Model : ISA-8000

Capacity : 4Kw,  Plasma

Enode voltage : 0~250Vdc

Filament supply current : 50A

The ISA-8000 features fast response and precision control, over-current protection, constant voltage circuits and short circuit protection circuits as safety devices, and displays the internal operating status as a lamp (LED) for easy maintenance.

Analog meters, various control switches, and lamps to check control are displayed on the front to prevent malfunction of the equipment.

ISA-8000 is applicable to electronic beam coating equipment, vacuum cleaning equipment, resistance heating coating equipment, and vacuum testing equipment.


AN-9500 (For the first time in Korea)

Ion Gun (For the first time in Korea)

Purpose : general auxiliary deposition

Model : AN-9500

Capacity : 4Kw

Type : End-hole

Cooling method. : Water-cooled

AN-9500 is manufactured with an end hole method.
The feature of this product is that it is precision-processed using special materials and designed to have a long service life with quick response and precise control.
Used with ORIGIN product ISA-8000.

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