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PVD Equipment Series


PVD Equipment Series

Purpose : OLED manufacturing., Optical filter, Optical lens multi-coating, Window multi-coating.

Model : OC-2500

Capacity : Electron Gun 4~16Kw, Ion Gun 4KW

Accelerated voltage : 3,000~15,000Vdc

How to rotate the product : revolve, rotation

ORIGIN's PVD Equipment Series are a precision optical multilayer vacuum deposition equipment. It is a research, experiment and production equipment applicable to thin film deposition, optical lens production, filter production, semiconductor production, new material development, material synthesis, material isolation, ion cleaning, ion auxiliary deposition, vacuum electron beam welding, etc.

The configuration of the equipment includes a vacuum chamber, a vacuum pump, a cooling device, electrical control, pneumatic control, vacuum pressure control, deposition film thickness control, gas amount control, electron beam power source, and ion beam power source.

It is an equipment designed to improve productivity and product quality by applying the latest technology.

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