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Safety equipment


MSN-300  (For the first time in Korea)

Short circuit breaker, tester. (For the first time in Korea)

Purpose : Short circuit breaker test, ground check, short circuit check, connection check.

Model : MSN-300

Method : Analog

Test power : 110, 220, 380, 440Vac, Single phase, three phase

Display : Test lamp, Connection confirmation lamp

Test subjects

▶ Single phase, three phase Short circuit breaker.

▶ 110V, 220V, 380V, 440V


▶ Short circuit breaker test.

▶ Checking the connection of the outlet.

▶ When the Multi power outlet is turned off, it is possible to check the cut off.

▶ Voltage application can be checked. (Electroscope function.)

▶ Ground check is possible.

▶ A short circuit can be checked.

The field of use.

▶ Industry, construction site.

▶ Automatic equipment, unmanned system.

▶ Construction site.

▶ Hotel, shopping mall.

▶ Office, laboratory.

▶ Houses, apartments.

▶ Manufacturing using electrical equipment.

▶ The place where a short circuit breaker is used, Etc

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