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Major companies & products used.

You can see the products used with major companies that traded with ORIGIN.

물결 모양의 추상 배경

● LG Research Institute in Osan 

● Samsung Corning

Development of Stabiliser (Ship Horizontal Retention Unit)

angle sensor, etc.

LCD automatic length Control

Linear sensor, etc.

● Daewoo Electronics

VCRhead Bearing Inspection Unit

acceleration sensor, etc.

● Inkel

Sound Pressure Level Measurements for Audio Devices

The whole system.

● Jeil Engineering

Motor Torque Measurement, Assembly Inspection Unit

a high-speed indicator, etc


● Atomic Energy Research Institute

 laser alloy fusion apparatus, A robot controller

a robot controller

heavy water reactor heavy water tube inspection system

the whole system

● Inha College

● Kia Motors

Robot Simulation Unit

the whole system

 Next Generation Automotive Applications Sensor

a special sensor, etc


Vial, Amplifier Manufacturing Automatic Measurement System

Linear sensor, etc.

● Shin wind gauge

Sensor for measurement of construction

angle sensor, etc

● Koryo vacuum

sintering sintering test device

a high-speed indicator, etc

● Shinchang Engineering

  Hydraulic servo control measurement

Transducers, sensors, etc.

● Daegyeong Tech

General purpose material testing machine, measurement sensors

Linear sensor, etc.

● Gyeyang electric tool (Anshan)

● Gyeyang electric tool (Anseong)

● Shinil Industrial

● Korea Occupational Safety and Health Corporation

Total Inspection Motor Testing Device

Error Measurement System in Motor Assembly Process

Motor Shaft Measurement System

Development and Manufacturing of Short-circuit Breaker Teste


Linear sensor, etc.

Software, etc.

a short circuit breaker test machine



Ample bottle (medical) manufacturing equipment

PVD Thin Film Deposition Test Equipment


Superconducting Thin Film Deposition Test Equipment

a high-speed inverter

multi-vacuum SYSTEM

Electronic beam power source on demand.

● Samsung SDI

● W-lighting


● Samsung Electronics (Vietnam)


LED manufacturing equipment

270 degree electron beam

270 degrees high-performance electron beam.

Microphone Manufacturing Equipment

cell phone

Low-vacuum control and signal annalizer.

Multi-vacuum SYSTEM & E-beam.

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