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CSN-10 (For the first time in Korea)

High speed inverter. (For the first time in Korea)

Characteristics : 4 outputs (4 motors), high speed variable speed control.

Model : CSN-10

electric power : 400VA

Control frequency : 260…470Hz

Power : 110Vac 50/60Hz single-phase

Output voltage : 4 out puts 110V

The field of use

▶ Precision groove generation equipment for cutting ampoule bottles (pharmaceutical bottles)

▶ Tool grinding equipment.

▶ Drill equipment

▶ Grinding equipment.

▶ Vibration test equipment.

▶ Equipment for engraving.

▶ Ventilation equipment.

▶ Centrifugal separation equipment.

The device can simultaneously control four motors at high speed. You can also control each of the four motors.​

The internal electronic control circuit is built into a separate case to improve stability. This product can be installed in a 19-inch cabinet.​

The front of the device has a power switch, a start button, and a frequency variable VR, the display has a power lamp, a driving lamp, a motor connection connector and an ON-OFF switch, and a fuse holder and a power connector installed on the rear.


2500-H  (for the first time in the world)

High speed controller (for the first time in the world)

Purpose : Measurement, control, print.

Model : 2500-H

Display : -99999 ~ +99999(The world's biggest mark is possible.)

method : Program

Speed : Digital 500 times per second, analog 20,000 times per second.

Input : Digital 4 points, analog multi-input.

Output : 10 points for contact, 1 point for analog.

communication : RS232, RS485

The field of use.

▶Length, weight, pressure, vibration, angle, speed, acceleration, Flow, level, force, temperature, displacement, etc. Measurement control.

▶Industrial manufacturing plant.

▶Food manufacturing plant.

▶Medical manufacturing plant.

▶Measurement, test device.


▶DC voltage, DC current, potentiometer, strain gauge, load cell, LVDT, angle sensor, pressure sensor, acceleration sensor, etc.  (84 types can be entered)

▶Precise high speed response (±2PPM, 100KHZ)

▶You can modify the program while using it.

▶Calibration correction.

▶-999999~99999 can be displayed.

▶Minimum, maximum, minimum~max display.

▶Display window, digital input/output, control button, Multi-function (user setting)

▶Correction for 32 sections.

▶Two insulated communication ports.

▶Measurement value, decision print support.


Relay board RB-10 (For the first time in Korea)

Relay block (For the first time in Korea)

Purpose : Change the digital signal to the contact signal.

Model :RB-10

Power : 110, 220Vac 50/60Hz

Input : 10 points 24Vdc

Output : 10 points 6A 220V


Acceleration controller CA-200 (For the first time in Korea)

Acceleration controller  (For the first time in Korea)

Model : CA-200

Display : Power, acceleration level.

Method : Analog

Input : Analog 

Output : Contact point, analog point.

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